Rainy Season

We’ve seen a ton of rain since October. There has even been snow in Cave Creek and in the Superstition Mountains, attracting people from all over the Valley to take pictures of a desert dressed in white. The Phoenix office of the National Weather Service says this is the sixth wettest year to date, a total contrast from last year, as it was one of the driest.

Allergens Blooming

With water comes growth! Mesquite tree canopies are full, cacti are green and blooming and vibrant, wildflowers carpet the sides of roads and fields, grasses are sprouting up taller than ever. The desert is green and beautiful, and it’s no surprise that this is drawing a crowd. In Arizona, outdoor activities are weather-permitting year round, so exposure is an ongoing event.

Worst Allergy Season Ever

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Warmer weather ends up creating more pollen, and stronger allergens in the air.” This warmer weather allows plants to pollinate earlier and longer. With all of the rain we’ve received, combined with the desert heat, this allergy season has been and will continue to be the worst we’ve seen in a long time. The number of plants have multiplied, increasing the pollen swirling around and spreading irritation everywhere.

Air pollution is also a culprit of allergies, which is bad news for city dwellers. We produce carbon dioxide by burning gas, coal and oil. Carbon dioxide is used by plants for their process of photosynthesis. More carbon dioxide means more plant growth and pollen. This is the perfect equation for major symptoms.

How can you know which allergens to avoid or how to find relief?

Treatment Options

A physical exam and investigation of medical history can begin solving your allergy mysteries. Dr. Wendt offers a variety of testing to determine what is bothering you and how to treat it.

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