allergy It’s with great excitement that I welcome you to my new practice, Relieve Allergy Asthma & Hives, which officially opened and began seeing patients on March 27. I wanted to write a welcome and tell you a bit about myself and the practice. I have degrees in biochemistry and biology, as well as a PhD in microbiology and immunology. Having been in private practice since 2005, I have contributed to a large amount of research specifically to allergies. My knowledge of allergens, their root causes and how to treat them runs very deep.

Allergies in one form or another impact the lives of 50 million Americans. Reactions can trigger symptoms in the nose, throat, ears and more. An allergic reaction can also reach the lungs and trigger an asthmatic reaction. This can be a very frustrating experience if you aren’t sure what is causing the reaction, and it can also be very serious if not treated. This is where Relieve Allergy comes in.

Our main objective when you visit our practice is to accurately diagnose the cause of your allergic reaction. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will treat both the cause and the symptoms of your allergy. A thorough medical history will be examined and detailed allergy testing will be performed. We will also provide materials and resources for you to better understand your allergy and the symptoms.

Whether dealing with seasonal allergies, food allergies, asthma or hives, Relieve Allergy will make sure you have the best possible treatment so you can continue to live a normal life, no matter if you are indoors or outside! You can find more information about the clinic at or give our office a call today for an appointment at 480-500-1902.

In health,
Dr. Wendt