The SKIN-ny on Atopic Dermatitis: Part 1: What is Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema and What causes it?

With summer here, many patients are noticing their skin conditions worsen.  The dry heat can be an irritating factor for many, flaring their rash.  In this, part I of our series on Atopic Dermatitis or Allergic Eczema, we examine what atopic dermatitis is and what causes atopic dermatitis. What is Atopic Dermatitis? Atopic dermatitis (AD), [...]

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Facts and Myths about the COVID-19 Vaccination

As an Allergist & Immunologist, I was recently asked to write a paper about the “Myths of the COVID-19 vaccination.”  Therefore, the end of this article contains some of the more common ideas patients have presented to myself or my colleagues with my response.  As a physician and having performed research myself, it seemed imperative [...]

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Pregnancy, Lactation, and the COVID-19 vaccine

Should the pregnant patient get a COVID-19 vaccine?  CDC currently cites this as a personal choice, with incorporation of the obstetrician for assistance in making the decision.1 Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine indicates there is little data but that “A safe vaccine is generally considered one in which the benefits of getting it outweigh the risks.  [...]

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Welcome to the Jungle!

As many of my dear patients know, in this time of social isolation, my family has taken on numerous hobbies in order to avoid boredom. To her credit, one of the best ideas my teenage daughter has had is gardening. If nothing else, she keeps the mess outside. For some reason, nearly every idea she [...]

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What I have learned about cats during the pandemic…. Those of my patients that know me well know me as a dog person.  To date, I have not been able to replace Doogie and Mojo because they are irreplaceable in my heart. In the past, when I get the (very common) patient that tells me [...]

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Spring Allergies Driving You Crazy?….We Can Help

For those of you who are loving this weather but cowering in fear over the tsunami of pollen in the air as you try to curb your isolation boredom with yet another walk outside, there is hope… Symptom reduction in allergy has three basic steps…avoidance (or reducing exposure), treatment with medications, and allergy shots. Reduce [...]

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