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What do you think about Peter Rabbit’s Food Allergy Scene?

If you’ve seen the new “Peter Rabbit” movie, you already know it features a character with food allergies. Despite being the “#1 Family Movie in America,” the delivery of the food allergy topic has not been received well. What do you think about Peter Rabbit’s Food Allergy Scene? The film based on the classic children’s [...]

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Allergy Skin Testing Options

Do you have itchy eyes, a runny nose or nagging cough? We are saying goodbye to fall allergens and already seeing spring agitations. You could have a common cold, the flu or maybe a recently developed allergy. Allergy skin testing options help provide answers and can be administered in office with relatively quick results. Pediatric [...]

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Environmental Allergy Skin Testing

Do you have the cold that never ends?  Have you been suffering from allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, red, watery, runny, itchy eyes, headaches and even migraines, sinus pain, and frequent sinus infections or sinusitis?  Consider getting tested for the possible environmental triggers and allergens. Knowledge of the specific [...]

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How Long Do Fall Allergies Last?

With the end of summer comes fall and brings along the allergy season when people can suffer from fall allergies. The symptoms of allergy usually last until you are exposed to the triggers or allergens. The relief from fall allergies also comes with the elimination of exposure to the susceptible allergens. The most common cause [...]

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11 Essential Tips for Handling Fall Allergies

For people having a predisposition to allergy, fall is the most susceptible time to acquire seasonal allergies. Around 35 million Americans can suffer from nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, itching, hives or sneezing during fall. The most conspicuous allergens responsible for fall allergies include ragweed, pollens, and molds, and additionally, the climate change serves [...]

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Back-to-School Preparation

With the arrival of back-to-school season, many essential requirements need to be fulfilled. Not only do children need to make necessary back to school preparations, the parents equally uphold the responsibility of ensuring a child’s health and well-being. For parents especially, there happens to be a long checklist of tasks, preparations, and precautions to undertake. [...]

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Skin Diseases That Worsen During The Summer

Summer usually distresses our skin as hot weather can cause unwanted damage to the skin cells. Major skin changes are expected to occur in the summertime as a result of the seasonal transition, including the production of greater quantities of sebum (oil), sweat, and melanin (a pigment that tans the skin). In addition, because the [...]

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Seasonal Allergies or Something Else?

Living in the Phoenix area has a unique set of allergic reactions; air quality, dust, and things that seem to bloom all year around. This doesn’t necessarily make them season allergies, but another condition called non-allergic rhinitis. This has many of the same symptoms of seasonal allergies, which makes is interesting to diagnose. Seasonal allergies [...]

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Bee Stings And How To Be Prepared

On a fairly regular basis you will see stories on the news about bees. Another attack, and a person is stung dozens and in some cases hundreds of times. If you have never been stung before or you know you have an allergy from bee stings, this could be perplexing. Aren’t bees supposed to leave [...]

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