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Back to School Food Allergies

Back to School School is back in session, and something a parent of an allergy child might be wondering is how to keep them safe at school. There are so many opportunities for the wrong substance to fall into their hands, so how do we prepare our children to know what to do if that [...]

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Think Like a Firefighter

Wildfires in the Desert To really understand something, it helps to look through the eyes of an expert. Someone who has experienced it first-hand and can describe how it looks, feels, smells… Adam is a Phoenix firefighter who is dedicated to his job, and to his community. He’s very experienced in fighting both structure fires [...]

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How to Stay Safe: AZ and Beyond

Summer in the Desert Summer allergies got you down? Arizona is a giant oven that bakes your sinuses and blows around the grass and tree pollen, making allergy and asthma sufferers miserable. Right now, the air quality is especially dangerous with the Woodbury Fire burning in the Superstition Mountains. The smoke isn’t too much of [...]

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An Injection a Week Breaks Your Allergy Streak

Let’s talk about allergy shots. These are for people afflicted by seasonal, indoor, and insect sting allergies, and they’re available to help those of all ages. What Are They? Allergy shots are a form of allergy immunotherapy, which means treating or preventing a disease with the substance that create an immune response. This treatment does [...]

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How to Find Relief During Arizona’s Allergy Season

"We always have people asking, "What is the green tree with the yellow leaves?" said Dr. Wendt. "That's the palo verde tree and one of the Valley's most common allergy culprits." Here are a few of Dr. Wendt's answers to commonly asked questions regarding seasonal allergies...

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Holiday Office Hours for 2019

Our office will be CLOSED on the following days to observe the holidays: Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July  5th for the Fourth of July Friday, September 13th for staff training inservice Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th for Thanksgiving Clinic closes at noon on Tuesday, December 24 and is closed Wednesday, December 25th, Thursday, [...]

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What do you think about Peter Rabbit’s Food Allergy Scene?

If you’ve seen the new “Peter Rabbit” movie, you already know it features a character with food allergies. Despite being the “#1 Family Movie in America,” the delivery of the food allergy topic has not been received well. What do you think about Peter Rabbit’s Food Allergy Scene? The film based on the classic children’s [...]

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Allergy Skin Testing Options

Do you have itchy eyes, a runny nose or nagging cough? We are saying goodbye to fall allergens and already seeing spring agitations. You could have a common cold, the flu or maybe a recently developed allergy. Allergy skin testing options help provide answers and can be administered in office with relatively quick results. Pediatric [...]

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Environmental Allergy Skin Testing

Do you have the cold that never ends?  Have you been suffering from allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, red, watery, runny, itchy eyes, headaches and even migraines, sinus pain, and frequent sinus infections or sinusitis?  Consider getting tested for the possible environmental triggers and allergens. Knowledge of the specific [...]

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